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The Latest Single

The music

‘The Murder of Margaret’ is a theatrical-pop piece with a touch of Amy Winehouse-like jazz and reflective yet blunt lyricism which wittily comments on the dark sides of society. Double standards; insecurity; trust issues and dealing with consequence are among some of the themes found in this track.

"I wrote this song with the intent of creating reggae, but funnily enough it is anything but. The song captures what I think many of us feel not only within our personal lives, but also within our industries. The lure of the vulnerable and the needy ultimately to their deaths – whether physical, mental, literal or not. It's definitely something I've felt before."

Ironically, this story is also reflecting the current global crisis – Margaret represents society (doesn’t know whom to trust or listen to) and its theft of choice –freedom. Eventually she is choked by hypocrisy.

"I got to work with some amazing people during this production. Recorded at Rey Records and had the wonderful Agustin Espina produce the track. He did some amazing work and added sounds I wanted without me even telling him to. I even got some incredibly talented musicians feature [Marcos Campos Salas] on the clarinet and mandolin."

The music video

"The music video was an absolute blast to film – especially the infamous sex scenes (sorry mum and dad!); they were incredibly hilarious. There are one too many takes of me laughing ... although there were some dramas, God pulled through and we were able to shoot this amazing video. 

Working with Anna Zorik was a great pleasure. She has this great eye and knew just how to get the camera to work in my favour. And Jeremy Ghali saved our lives when our videographer cancelled last minute. I gotta say though, I'm definitely glad he cancelled 'cause Ghali's work is out-of-this-world. 

The dress was this incredible work of art by stylist Neftis Madrid. She used over 120 plastic bags to create it. The dress itself is a metaphor for consumption and the layers in the music video are just ready to be peeled away by you.

Nevertheless, I'm so excited to finally share it with you. It's now officially available on all streaming platforms and you can find the Official Music Video on my YouTube Channel 'Luciana Valentina'. You can find the link below "

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