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Luciana Valentina has played internationally and nationally, partaking in festivals such as: Art, Not Apart; Four Winds Festival; whilst performing at renown venues such as The Metro Theatre. She has recently returned from an Australia-wide tour with Grammy-Award winners Los Amigos Invisibles.


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Art, Not Apart 2018

Luciana Valentina Los Amigos Invisibles

"A fresh musical promise for Australia" - SBS Radio 2017

'You're what I've been looking for' SBS 2018

Luciana Valentina is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter, composer, actress and model who founded her band in 2019. 

A storyteller, Luciana Valentina crafts songs that deal with the human experience with powerful poetry and intricate musicality.

Bogotá-born this young singer possesses a voice that undoubtedly makes you stop and pay attention. Her repertoire is eclectic and quirky, with no song ever sounding like the other yet all have the undoubtedly recognisable Luciana twist. 

Luciana has performed in festivals, renown venues and has recently returned from a nation-wide, Australian tour with Grammy-Award-Winners 'Los Amigos Invisibles'. She is planning to return to the stage this 2020. 

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