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Luciana Valentina-43 copy_edited.jpg


Art, Not Apart 2018

Luciana Valentina-43 copy.jpg

If Amy Winehouse had gone to rehab and had a lovechild with Ricky Martin, her name would be Luciana Valentina. A singer-songwriter who creates the kind of music that makes you feel human. Her voice conveys tongue in cheek responses to her life experiences, yet with an unconventional and down-to-earth nature which draws you in for more. The combination of the arrangements and lyricism immerse you. It’s the sensation of satisfaction; she’s the silence amidst the noise. Like you’re underwater and for a moment life is timeless. She’s a performer that leaves you wanting more.

After founding her band, she released her debut single "Wind up Dolls" in 2019 which received international and national radioplay and shortly afterward Luciana Valentina became the supporting act for Grammy Award winners Los Amigos Invisibles on their national 2020 Australian tour – playing at The Metro Theatre, Womadelaide, and more. Later, she released her second single "The Murder of Margaret" which received international praise. Following COVID, she is set to return to the scene this 2023 with more music and new performances. You'll hear a sweet mixture by musicians who compliment their pieces by adding just the right amount of sound to the music –– and while she dabbles with different flavours and ingredients, Luciana Valentina is having your cake and eating it, too.

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